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2021 Pursuit All-Stars 

Basketball Showcase

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$250 team registration fee

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$65 player registration fee

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Pursuit All-Stars Basketball Showcase


Two-day tournament for 5th - 6th graders

Saturday, May 22 (9:00 am - 2:00 pm) and 

Sunday, May 23, 2021 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)

GDS outdoor basketball court (4200 Davenport Street, NW, Washington, DC 20016)


$250 per team

Team must consist of at least seven players

Team must have jerseys 




$65 per player

Pursuit will place you on a team

Pursuit will provide you with a tournament jersey

• Tournament fee includes

- Two "Round Robin" games

- At least one playoff game

- Tournament gift bag & souvenir 

- Officials

- Equipment (basketballs and score table)

- Awards for winners

- Staff to run the tournament


Games & Playoffs

• Each team will play two “Round Robin” Game, and at least one playoff game.

• All teams will participate in a seeded single elimination tournament at the conclusion of the “round robin” games. Depending on the amount of teams, the first and second place teams may have “bye” games in the first round.


Covid Protocols & Mask Rules

• Players and coaches must confirm they do not have any signs or symptoms of Covid 19. We will check all participants before they enter the court area.

• Coaches must wear masks at all times, unless they are fully vaccinated.

• Players must wear masks while playing and while on the bench.

• We will have hand sanitizers for those who need it.

Mask Penalties

• First time a player is without their mask - warning.

• Second time - technical (other team gets a free throw)

• Third time - player must leave the game and or tournament area (and the other team gets the ball and a free throw).



• Players will play full court.

• Players will play with the 28.5” Intermediate size ball. 

• Players cannot wear jewelry, such as watches, rings, or neck chains while playing.



• Each team will play with five players on the court. 

• If a team is short on players on the day of the tournament games, they may pick up one additional player and or must play with four players.  


Game Duration 

• Each basketball game shall consist of four, 8-minute quarters. Please note, game time and duration are subject to change.

•Game clock will stop only for time outs, substitutions and injuries. In the last two minutes of  the final quarter the clock will stop for all dead ball situations, unless a margin of 20+ points exists. 

• Half-time will be five minutes. Please note, half time duration is subject to change.

• Teams are permitted two thirty second timeouts per half. 



• Teams may run either man (full or half) or zone defense throughout the entirety of the game.  



• Substitutions are allowed during timeouts called by a coach and dead ball situations. 

• Players can be substituted due to injury or ejection. 

• When an injured player is ready to return, they may enter at the next legal substitution stoppage. 


Jump Ball

• A jump ball will be at the beginning of the game and/or overtime. Alternate possession will be used thereafter.  



• All players are required to wear a team jersey or t-shirt with a number on the back.



• Back-court violations, 10 second timeline violations, traveling, and double-dribble violations will be called. 



• Fouls will be called and will count against a team’s total fouls. Individual fouls will be recorded as well.

• Two or three free throws will be shot if a player is fouled in the act of shooting (a two pointer or a three pointer).  

• A one and one attempt will be awarded on the 7th team foul. When a team commits it’s 10th team foul, a double bonus is awarded to the opposing team (two free throws).  

• A technical foul will result in two free throws & possession of the ball for the opposing team. Two technical fouls will result in an ejection. Anyone sitting with the team is considered part of the team and can be assessed a technical.  



• Scores will be kept. (one point for free throws, two points for scoring inside of the perimeter, and three points for shots outside of the perimeter).

• In the event of a tie, a 2-minute overtime period will decide the game. After two minutes the overtime becomes sudden death, the first team to score wins.  



• Coaches AND Parents please do not heckle game officials. 

• Profanity of any kind will result in immediate technical and potentially an ejection. This applies to all players, coaching staff, and spectators. 

• Any unsportsmanlike behavior can and will result in penalties being placed upon the offending individual. Penalties can include banishment from the tournament. All behavioral penalty decisions will be decided upon and enforced by Pursuit Sports Group or tournament staff and officials. 


Game cancellations

• Saturday’s games: In the event of possible game cancellation due to weather, court issues, etc. - we will push the games to Sunday and move the playoffs to later in the day on Sunday.

• Sunday’s games: In the event of possible game cancellation due to weather, court issues, etc. - we will push the tournament to June 5 and June 6.

• If we cannot have the tournament or your team players fewer than three games, we will provide full or partial refunds (depending on how many games your teams plays).

Thank you.

Team Pursuit

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