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Registration - Payment

$300.00 registration for all four clinics 

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$255.00 registration for three clinics 

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$170.00 registration for two clinics 

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$85.00 registration for a single clinic 

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Pursuit Pro Skills 12 Common Cuts Player

$11.99 electronic version

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10 seconds.

The game clock is winding down.

Your team is down 1.

Coach calls a timeout.

Draws up a play.

Ball inbounded.

Your teammate gets the ball and starts dribbling.

8 seconds.

The play your coach called is not an option anymore. Defense is over playing you and help-side is in the paint.

6 seconds.

What do YOU do?

Become the Answer 

In this Pursuit Pro Skills training manual - you will learn how to move without the ball to score or create opportunities for a teammate to score. As a basketball player you must understand angles, when to move, which speed to use, and when to take advantage of a moment or a defender.


There will be many options to get open to score or get a teammate open to score. If you do not have the ball, you will need to either stay put, set a screen, or make a cut. You need to learn how to get open on your own - with or without a coach calling a play. In this manual we will cover 12 basketball cuts so you can understand and use them while the game clock is winding down. Use the many different basketball cuts for easy layups or to get open on the elbow or perimeter.


NBA, collegiate and elite amateur players can score 30 points a game without taking a single dribble - because they have mastered the art of reading the defense and then using the appropriate cut to get them open for a shot or layup.


Ultimately, you need to make efficient decisions that give your team the best chance to get the “W”.

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